Hello everyone, welcome to my introduction video on 3D resin fish painting. In this video, I am going to use epoxy resin with two components: A – epoxy resin and B – hardener. I will mix these two components together with a ratio of 3:1 (3 epoxy resin : 1 hardener). You can also purchase resin on amazon from Artresin. Its quality is relatively good but the ration would be 1:1. Mine is 3:1.

Regarding colours, I recommend acrylic colour from Pebeo. The bowl for the resin is a Japanese ceramic bowl and I think you should use the pointed round brush because it is suitable for the 3D resin fish. Other than that, I will also use the dry slow compound from Linquitex to make the acrylic dry a bit slower.

With this kind of picture, I will apply the layer by layer style. Each layer will be drawn meticulously to avoid the breaking of the layers. Each layer will be from 1.5mm to 2mm thick and the time required for them to dry out would be around 8-10 hours. I will have to wait for the epoxy resin to dry out to apply the other layer. Therefore, it would take from 7 to 10 days to complete the picture. Each of these 3D resin would be split into two videos. The first one would be done on Uxcel 2mm clear perspex acrylic, which aim to help you to be familiar with the layer-by-layer drawing style. The second video would be done using resin material. I have just getting used to this kind of picture in the last month but I promise to share everything I know about this kind of art for all beginners.
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